vegan bbq ribs & more


savoury seitan crowd pleasers!


Fire up the grill and let’s roll out the “ ribs” for this evening of truly tasty crowd-pleasin' party favourites.

You’ll learn how to trick up your Seitan to create a bunch of not-meat delights, such as a herb-filled “Kiev” fillet; how to colour your Seitan for flavour and plating; plus how to mould it into marinade-ready “ribs”.

This class is perfect for beginners and home cooks who want to learn how to prepare hearty and filling vegan meals.

On the menu

  • Herb-filled crispy crumb "Chick’n Kiev"
  • Savoury slice-able "corned beef"
  • sweet and sticky "Ribs"

Course content

  • How to make your own Seitan
  • Methods and tricks to fill, colour, shape and present Seitan
  • Step-by-step discussion of the recipes for the workshop
  • Demonstration and hands-on cooking (in small groups) to follow recipes