vegan sri-lankan cooking

with rachel reid


Sri lankan cooking.jpg

Intrigued by flavours of Sri Lanka? Rachel warmly invites you to her family table, where you can try your hand at making authentic Sri Lankan dishes so good you’ll feel like you’re eating out!

Learn the rich histories of traditional Sri Lankan cooking and the health benefits of spices and herbs like turmeric and fenugreek. Get ready to have your senses tingling, as we soulfully prepare fragrant, plant-based dishes – from the root up.

On the Menu

  • Jackfruit Curry with rice

  • Lentil Dal

  • Pol (coconut) sambal

  • Papadams


Your tutor Rachel Reid is London-born but raised in sunny Perth, Western Australia.

Being of mixed Caribbean and Burgher Sri Lankan heritage, spices, tropical fruits and native herbs often featured in meals throughout her childhood. This sparked Rachel’s passion to use food to connect with her family and ancestry. After graduating from culinary school in Sydney, she established Righteous Roots Collective: a holistic food-centred business offering cooking workshops, meal coaching, intimate social dining concepts and small-scaled catering.

Righteous Roots Collective holds the philosophy that food is healing and therefore should be kept as close to its natural state as possible; eaten mindfully and in appreciation. Through engagement with individuals and groups, Rachel encourages each participant to form a positive relationship with nutritious foods by examining and understanding its origins, as if they would their own personal history. Righteous Roots Collective’s other core values include sustainability, community, celebration of arts & culture and soul care.