Vegan Gut Health - Beyond Ferments

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Get the real info on gut health!

A happy gut is linked to a better mood, a stronger immune system, and greater absorption of
nutrients from foods. But there's more to it than just probiotics and fibre. 

Get the real info on gut health! Ideal for vegans, vegetarians and anyone with gastrointestinal concerns, or anyone who wants to keep their gut & microbiome

James Lyons (BSHc Nutritional Medicine) is a clinical nutritionist with a passion for busting vegan
nutrition myths and helping people start and maintain a healthy, holistic plant-based diet.

James will share info on the gastrointestinal health concerns every
vegan should be aware of, and teach you his favourite plant-based recipes for a happy, healthy gut.

On the menu

  • Anti-inflammatory vegetable soup feat. better-than- bone broth
  • Potato salad with from-scratch vegan mayonnaise
  • Probiotic fermented pickles
  • Layered kanten pudding

Course Content

  • Introduction to gastrointestinal health
  • Discussion about the impact of a plant-based diet on gut health
  • Step-by- step discussion of the recipes in the workshop
  • Demonstration & hands-on cooking with recipes to follow
  • Take-home fermentation project