A vegan coffee journey

October 14th


Upgrade your morning ritual in this all vegan coffee workshop!

Learn how to make the perfect pour over coffee, appreciate the subtle flavours of coffee during a cupping experience – and then shake things up with the best darn espresso martini

In this class we’ll look at how wild coffee is traditionally grown, managed and roasted by the Kogi tribe of Colombia. The Kogi Coffee team will demonstrate coffee roasting, and you will take part in a full cupping experience where you’ll learn to appreciate the different qualities and flavour profiles found in your morning brew. You’ll also get expert guidance in how to perfect your ideal cup using different pour over brewing methods.

Vegan milk alternatives have improved leaps and bounds in the last few years. No longer does the thought of curdled or grainy milk in your coffee need to be a deterrent to eating (and drinking) more plant based goodness! Quiz our professional baristas Diana and Lorenzo on the best plant based milks on the market as you experiment with a range of milks!

Course content

  • A look at traditional coffee management practices

  • Coffee roasting demonstration

  • Hands on experimentation with some coffee brewing techniques

  • Coffee appreciation & cupping experience including plant-based milk alternatives

  • How to make an Espresso Martini

Ideal for

Anyone with an interest in coffee – whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or just love caffeine, you’re sure to enjoy this hands-on coffee brewing class!

About your tutors

Baristas Lorenzo Perafan and Diana Rico started Kogi Coffee in 2015 as a partnership with the Kogi indigenous people from Colombia (who consider themselves the ancient guardians of Earth, harvesting wild coffee from the rainforest they inhabit in accordance with ancestral spiritual practice – making it one of the most sustainable and purest coffees in the world.) Diana and Lorenzo roast their own beans and barista for their all-vegan mobile coffee cart.