blissful breakfast

November 25th


They say it’s the most important meal of the day, so why settle for ordinary, when you can smash it with an amazing vegan breakfast?

Get inspired at this workshop as you learn to cook a delicious, nutritious, colourful and plant-based brekkie. Start your days with these energy boosters: you’ll be dangerous - and your Instagram feed will never be the same.

On the menu

  • Healthy and nutritious toasted granola that is sweet in all the right places

  • Aqua fab french toast - even better than your local cafe

  • Simple and fast savoury corn fritters for something fried

  • The building blocks to the best-ever tofu scramble


Kate Jones is the creative force behind The Vegan Teahouse, Co-Creator of MAKER Kitchen and Head Vegan In Charge of the amazing Sydney Vegan Market! Wow!

With a schedule like hers she understands the importance of starting the day out right, indulging now and again and making time for a blissful breakfast before going out into the world. Share a beautiful Sunday morning with her!